Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Silver Linings and Bad Hike News 3

John Muir Trail News

Well, we didn’t get a slot for a hike on the trail, which is a huge bummer. We’ll probably still do some sort of hike, but we won’t have a chance to set any kind of record or hike a major trail. I’m a little bummed out and stuff.

Only a little, though. True to predictions, I did an incline bench press with 500 pounds. Now, to be clear, that’s not exactly hulk territory (the guy who used the machine before me had 540 on there), but here’s the thing; it’s the strongest I have ever been. And it’s a huge jump in just three months. I followed that up by doing 220 calf raises with a 220 barbell on my shoulders, in sets of 30 (one 40), interspersed with sets of 8 squats using the same weight.

Again, that’s mediocre-ish for a guy my size, but if I’d tried that in December, I would have passed out and/or killed myself. I turn 28 this Saturday, and I’m the strongest I have ever been. That’s a hell of a silver lining.

And, of course, there are other trails out there.

We’re still planning on doing some sort of hike, but I’m not sure exactly which one yet. I’ll keep you updated!

No Monday Cities of the Mind

I took a Day Off yesterday. Mostly because my sleep schedule has been bonkers lately–an interesting new sort for me. I’m usually either Awake or Asleep. Which, I know, is normal for humans, but I mean that if I’m having sleep troubles I’m awake for 24-30+ hours then out like the dead for 12, then rinse and repeat. My states of wakefulness have, for lack of a better description, oodles of inertia. I don’t have trouble staying awake, and I once slept through a car crashing through my bedroom wall. The last few nights, I’ve been sleeping in 2-3 hour bursts, and tired the whole time. Even melatonin hasn’t been able to impact this particularly.

Strange stuff, right?

Anyway, that’s all there is for me at the moment, have a great week,