Daily Archives: April 7, 2015

Red Rocking It

This is going to be a short one. It’s getting late, and it’s almost dinner time. I am hungry and tired. I was going to put something together from either my fun time at Burro Creek on the drive from PHX to LV, or from the drive itself, but I spent all morning working on switching the theme over on my professional blog, and then, this afternoon, instead of writing about adventures, I decided to go on one.

f Siblings

My sister and I did a trip out to Red Rock, west of town. We hiked Calico Tanks. I took a lot of pictures, but you only get the few I’ve had time to cut down to blog page size as of now. It was a fun hike. Aside from the sibling thing, and despite way more people than I like to share a trail with, there was cool weather, and pretty much everything that does bloom was.

Including these trees which had always seemed quite lackluster the rest of the year.

f pretty purple large f pretty purple tree



The end of the trail has a really nice view of the Las Vegas Valley. On a clear day you can stand on the sheer red cliffs and see clear to Lake Mead.

f las vegas view

And of course one of the perks of having an archaeologist for a sister is that she knows where all the cool hidden stuff is.

f petroglyph