MNiC Feature Flat Tire

Just a Flat Tiring Week

MNiC Feature Flat Tire

The Flat Tiring Story

Figuratively and literally, this week has been tiring.

A week ago last Friday I woke up feeling just a bit sore of the throat, with swollen lymph nodes. Then I was abruptly knocked on my ass with a high fever, sweating buckets, and sporting ridiculously swollen lymph nodes, and complete exhaustion. I think Wednesday was the first day I slept less than eighteen hours. I lost Tuesday. I literally can’t remember a single thing from that whole day. My throat still hurt, but my body had returned to functioning status. Oh, and I ended up with a beautiful body rash that made my entire upper body feel like one giant mosquito bite. And that’s the story of how I sweated my way through scarlet fever. My girlfriend was there, which was great, because I was incredibly pathetic the whole time.

Anyway, so Thursday I managed to get my rear out of bed, and I was going to go get antibiotics at Walgreen’s, because scarlet fever occasionally kills people. It’s a form of Streptococcus pyogenes (of strep throat fame), which releases an endotoxin in response to a bacteriophage (virus which attacks bacteria) which lyses the capillaries directly beneath the skin–a processwhich apparently itches like a sonofabitch. The whole thing is pretty fascinating. Every time I did anything that increased blood flow, I was reduced to a quivering mess of unscratchable itchy hell. That’s the Fifth Circle, in case your Dante is rusty.

Back to the Story

I got about a quarter block before I realized my rear passenger side tire was flat. Pretty lucky it decided to lose pressure while I was immobile at home, really. My girlfriend rescued me again, and we went o Walgreen’s to find out that while the Strep test I needed to get antibiotics costed $17.50 the thirty seconds it would take the nurse to swab my throat would cost $110. Since I was feeling better anyway, I skipped on that and bought a little foot pump to refill my tire.

I left it overnight, and was pleased to see it only lost about one PSI, which meant slow leak. Obviously, I checked for foreign objects lodged in the tire, none apparent. Tires are only a year old, shouldn’t be having any issues at all. Here’s where it all gets a little odd. I checked all my tires, and it turns out they were about 10 PSI low . . . fine, weather’s just turned colder, that’s going to change things a bit. I went and checked my housemate and girlfriend’s tires, all also significantly low, including one complete flat (cut in the sidewall) on my girlfriend’s car. So two flats in two days, but we got that changed. Filled up all my tires to their optimum levels.

Anyway, this morning I go out to check my tire about 5AM, and it’s low again, but only down to 21 PSI. No surprise there, really, it’s got that slow leak, right? So . . . I figure as long as I’m filling that one up, might as well check the others. The front tires were about where I’d left them (which also put the kibosh on my burgeoning must-be-the-temp theory), but the other back tire was also down to 21 PSI.

I am so confused.

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