Anonymous Sexually Assaulting a Girl Isn’t Funny.

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English: Anonymous Español: Anonymous (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve noticed a bunch of people on Facebook talking about, and amused by Anonymous. I’m stuck in Kingman on my way home from PHX to LV–not stuck stuck, just timing my drive so I can avoid the staring contest with the setting sun that is the 93 at this time of year–so I decided I’d write about that.

Because what the hell, people?


Iggy Azalea is an Australian white female rapper, Azealia Banks is a black American of the same basic description, and they don’t like each other for shallow stupid whiny popstar reason as outlined in this Huffpost article I skimmed. They both try to sound like Nicki Minaj on purpose which seems like an objectively awful idea, but I’m pretty sure none of them are having trouble scraping up to $200 for rent these days, so I might be wrong about that. Maybe I should have tried to become a rapper.

Anyway, Anonymous got involved. You’ve probably heard of them. Ironically, they’re one of the better known hacker groups, and they occasionally dress up what they do as social justice. They’re definitely the kids that never got over not being liked in high school, who never had that epiphany most of us prickly types have, where we realize people don’t like us for reasons, adjust our sails towards a comfortable middle ground, and plot a happy course through society. These are the guys that are still mad at society for not appreciating how wonderful they are, and how stupid the rest of us are. Still whiny. And they really, really, want people to fear them, because fear is better than the contempt and dislike they’ve encountered their entire lives.

Unfortunately, the only venue where they aren’t impotent and ineffectual is manipulating data and breaching security, which, being the sort of illegal thing that brings you into contact with angry men with guns (either law enforcement or angry victims) requires them to do so in hiding. But boy, oh boy, are they fierce while they cower in the shadows!

The Current Thing

Now, there are few things more irrelevant to my daily life than hackers or popstars, but this actually made me mad. This got my attention because of what Anonymous is doing. What they want today is for Iggy Azalia to apologize to Azealia Banks for what they believe to be racist comments, in 48 hours, or they’ll release a sex tape of hers.

Give. Me. A. F*cking. Break.

First off, if you are the sort of person who looks at pictures or videos of naked ladies that they didn’t want to share with you, punch yourself in your dick, right now, as hard as you can. You deserve it. Then get a life. I realize the internet lets you do things from the comfort of your home, but you’re functionally no different from any creep hiding in a tree with a pair of binoculars, okay?

Second off, if you’re applauding this, what the hell is wrong with you? I didn’t bother reading through Azealia/Azalia Tweet war, maybe one or both of them are racists who should apologize. Doesn’t matter. You know what’s worse than racism?

A bunch of masked men ganging up and sexually assaulting a twenty-four-year-old girl.

Which is exactly what Anonymous is threatening to do. It’s not okay. Don’t get me wrong, racism is Bad; it’s damaging, painful, and generally messes stuff up that doesn’t need to be so complicated. Still, if a girl shouts something racist in a public park, it’s still not okay to pin her down, tear her clothes off, and post the pictures on the internet. Even if her music is awful. 

Is that. . . like too complicated a concept or something?

We should not reward them for saying, “Hey bitch, cave to our desires or we’ll basically rape you on film.”

I guess maybe if Anonymous admitted women were actually people, and treated them as such, they wouldn’t be able to rationalize how afraid of them they are. So don’t be amused. Ridicule them. Anonymous doesn’t matter, doesn’t deserve to matter, and it’s about time they remembered that.




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