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Another Post Full of Great Music pt 1

I like music, and fortunately I know people who like to just send me music, because they’re awesome.

Am I Wrong? / Nico & Vinz

You’ve probably heard this song on the radio, and if not, well, you should have, because it’s fantastic.


Ends of the Earth / Lord Huron

First off, if you’re not listening to Lord Huron, you’re messing up. I could have made this list entirely out of their songs. I haven’t stumbled on a band this good in a long time. They’ve got a sound, good lyrics, and . . . whatever that other thing is that makes music awesome. It all comes together. Here’s full acoustic concert they put on.


Our Bones / Of Monsters and Men

I really don’t know if this song makes any sense, but it makes me think of places far away, and I love it.


Shadow / Bleachers

I like this song, even if the singer exudes hipsterness. Also, this video is hysterical.


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