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Hammer Time! Why the Avengers 2 Trailer is Perfect

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Avengers 2 Trailer Awesomeness

I just watched the new extended trailer, and I really loved what they did there. It’s a fantastic trailer, and James Spader was a great choice for a villain. He’s managed to be both sympathetic and terrifying in The Blacklist, and that’s as a short fat balding man–I don’t think they could have picked someone better to play a rogue AI.

What I really wanted to talk about was the new scene where the assorted Avengers are all trying to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, because it’s humorous while perfectly introducing us to the personalities of the each of the characters in less than a minute; that’s damned good writing.

Watch It:

Hawkeye instigates the whole thing, but then fades, content, into the background–he’s probably the smartest single person in the Marvel movie universe, by the way, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk smiles quietly, because he’s already tried his luck and couldn’t budge it in the last movie, but he stays silent.

Tony Stark/Iron Man brashly steps up to try, with a bit of showmanship and a quip. When he fails, he falls back on technology, and when that fails, falls back on his friend. This is Tony’s entire process for solving every problem in redux.

Steve Rogers/Captain America can pick Mjolnir up. The hammer doesn’t read “If you’re sort of worthy, you can kinda lift it a little,” it’s an all or nothing deal: Iron Man and the Hulk are far stronger than Captain America, and neither could even sort of budge it. The fact that it moves at all means Cap’s worthy to wield it. We get to watch Thor’s shocked face as he realizes this, then Steve pretend to struggle and instantly give up. Thor recovers, grins, and goes along with it because that’s how Thor rolls. I thought that was perfect. Rogers simply confirms that he can wield it, and then doesn’t, because he has no interest in wielding the power of Thor; he proved it to himself, and he doesn’t need to prove it to anyone else.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow won’t try it, saying she doesn’t need the answer; she doesn’t think she is worthy, or doesn’t feel comfortable with an entire room of people knowing if she is, or most likely both. Either way, she’s got her own reasons, and she’s not going to share them with anyone, even her closest friends (or the closest things she has to friends.

I don’t really gush on trailers or movies–or superheroes for that matter–but, wow, I’ve really enjoyed what Marvel’s done with their last few movies. They still rely way too much on McGuffins to move their plots along–and they should forget about that, because Winter Soldier was the only real exception to the rule, and it was a critical smash. Forget the mysterious glowing objects, give us good villains, intricate plots, and some moral ambiguity! What they’ve done perfectly and without exception is bring in some really great actors into the roles, people who manage to fit these ridiculous personalities they’re wearing in a way that feels natural.

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