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I’ve started keeping a journal, I may have mentioned that before. I do that now and again, when the mood strikes. This one’s been going fairly regularly for two months now, which may, in fact, be a new record. I don’t write every day, just when I think I have something to say, and then I write pages.

It’s brought to my attention that I’m treading over old ground lately. To be honest, I’m fairly comfortable in my own skin. I mostly like who I am. I have brains, a sense of humor, and just enough in the looks department to stand a chance with really swell young women. And around thirty people seem to care, in a limited fashion, about the things I write. What more could I want? A stable relationship? Millions of dollars? The ability to sing on key? Pssh. I figure at least one or two of those will come with time and effort.

I truly am satisfied with who and where I am in life just now. I’m typing this in a Starbucks during the lead up to everyone’s morning commute; this place is packed full of people going where they’re going, and I don’t see anyone I’d trade places with. It doesn’t really matter how satisfied I am with who I am, however. The things is, I believe that we need to perpetually challenge ourselves to be something more and something greater than we are, even in small ways. So. . . This:


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The greatest enemy most of us will ever face in our lives is our own complacency. I’ve decided a fun thing to do, and write about, would be to pick a few things, physical, mental, behavioral, and random to improve. Well, I went ahead and made a list. These aren’t big things, these are fun things. Ways to spend the time I don’t spend writing. Ways to keep myself loving writing and the right degree of insane to keep writing.

The first is just general physical fitness. I’m going to get stronger. That got interrupted when I hurt my chest/shoulder and moved, and now I’ve got a gym membership again, and I’m about to go shake things up. I’m considering the right way to blog about it. There may be shirtless photos of me, there may not. I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, this is includes running, hiking, swimming, and lifting.

The second is speaking. Since I’m going to be doing videos, that just seems natural doesn’t it, improving my speaking voice?

A third one, and this is just for fun, is facial yoga. That doesn’t sound very baddass, but face lifting was already taken, I guess. What’s this? Well, basically, it’s exercising your face to develop tone and definition. It was something tangentially related to the speech exercises I looked up. . . you’ll have to see the video for the full effect, trust me.

I don’t even know if it will, work but it sure seems like it ought to, given how many muscles there are in the human face! I mean, look at that:

Français : Risorius. Anatomie humaine

Français : Risorius. Anatomie humaine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m also trying to gain control of my left eyebrow. I can raise both of them, or just the right, at will, but the left is stubbornly unwilling to step out on its own. So, I’m giving that a try.

There’ll be other things. You get to watch them, check in, see how it goes. It’s nothing big, just a bunch of small things, all applying a simple philosophy:

Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow. 

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