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Just Keep Walking

I’m tired as all hell right now, because I’m resetting my schedule. At least I think I’m tired. My body’s not really sure, and my mind never really buys into the “sleep” concept. Sometimes I just don’t sleep. That’s just life. One of the few drawbacks of living with my girlfriend is that it makes it notably harder to reset, since someone else needs to be in my space, using it, at various times. And yet we adapt and overcome life’s minor inconveniences, right?

I mean, there are a few fringe benefits.

Walking out of the gym yesterday at 5AM, and the sky was gray-blue, a cold wind brought the smell of winter of rain rushing down. As I reached my car, the drops began to fall. There was something very affirming in the moment; I love the gray rainy days, and the gray rainy dawns even more. I’ve improved my performance on the stair climber by 50% over the course of a month–half again as far in the same half hour. I like the pace, now I’m headed for time. So there was something plain nice about walking out into a world a little more like what I like than Phoenix usually provides. Just keep walking, and you get closer. It was like the world was handing me a little reward for persistence.

There’s a lot of that going around just now.

That’s the simplest rule of travel, you know. Just keep walking. It’s not metaphorical, or, at least, the metaphor is a coincidental ancillary bit. It works for writing, too; keep writing. That’s how you write the books, finish the projects, overcome writer’s block, and all the rest. Just put one damned word after the other until you’re done. One foot, one word, life’s an awful lot of ones adding up to the bigger things.

I got slightly behind last week on Cities of the Mind, which I’ve been otherwise on top of since the new year . . . I had three videos ready to go, but I skipped Friday because I watched them and decided I could do them better. I’ll be redoing them shortly. I also missed my guest post day, not because I didn’t have one, but because I entered the post date into the wrong field. Whooooops! Anyway, if you want to read about the inspirational properties of adult diapers, please check out BC Brown’s guest post over there!

We’ve been gardening. She’s got pepper plants. I can’t believe how fast my peas are growing. The tomatoes are already flowering and producing little tiny tomatoes! The grape vine is still suspiciously devoid of growth, but I maintain hope.

I’m taking a day off from the gym. I did heavy leg day yesterday, and it has made my rear end rather sore.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where to go from here. I can feel my life getting back under control–things are good, and life is good, and life should be good, but it must always be full of challenges, or it is wasted. So many roads ahead, and, of course, the rule Don’t stop walking. Some of the potential paths are safe, some are dangerous, and, of course, I have to take the plans of my girlfriend and her growing forest of cacti into account.


It’s not my strongest point. I react well. I react really well. But we all have weaknesses. I understand the value of planning, but I fundamentally lack an enthusiasm or desire for the process.

So much to do, and see, and be. Maybe that’s what I reject in planning. When you plan, you exclude options. A compact list is just an inverse list of all the things you won’t/can’t do.

This weekend, though, is the ostrich festival. So, that’s a plan, right?

I am, speaking of life’s “can’ts” too fat to ride an ostrich. And Moas, to our eternal sorrow, are extinct.

Would you guys like me to post fiction again? I used to post short stories up here, but I quit, for various reasons. I’ve been considering doing that again.

In any case, I have actual work-work to do right now, so the ramblin’s done for the nonce.



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