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A Valentine: Lauren & Connor take a couples’ selfie

The All-Important Couple Selfie

All relationships face challenges, even the good ones–maybe especially the good ones–and some of those challenges are big, important, things. Others are . . . less so, but they still exist. Lauren and I, when we do things together, often forget the all-important couples ritual of taking a selfie together to prove we do things together, so the internet can tell we love each other.

The Challenge

Here’s the thing, though, I’m 8-10 inches taller than her, depending on footwear. This, coupled with our lack of practice, can make things, well, difficult. I have to look like I’m comfortable and relaxed while standing like I’m doing a squat, or she has to be on tip toes, or the camera has to be at some ridiculous angle. . . . and on, and on. It doesn’t help that we both reflexively make funny faces at cameras. We did remember take a couples’ photo on the last hike, but it wasn’t easy. I got a good laugh while I was putting together the hike post last week, so I thought I’d share the reject piles (we each had a camera) today.

My Camera

Another Note

Not a big country fan, but I’m enjoying the hell out of this song. Every song’s always, “Our love is perfect, it’s all so easy,” or “I’m sexually liberated, excuse me while I screw him, and her, and this lamp, and that poptart, if you’re done with it,” or, “Well, yeah, I cheated, sup dude? Blame it on the {something that isn’t me}.”

It was a really cool surprise to hear one on the radio that’s like, “Yeah, I have a life, I meet attractive people and enjoy their company, I could totally be out sleeping with strangers, and I’m human so sometimes that idea has some allure, but, hey, I walk the line because I’ve got somebody I come home to.”


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