See, me doing something.

I Yet Live 2

How has it been a whole month since I last posted? How does that happen?

I’ve been doing things, most of them not especially constructive, but fun nonetheless. Yesterday, for example I learned how to make pita bread, with some help from my girlfriend, and it was delicious. Went well with the pulled pork I’d made. I stay busy, but I seem to get precious little done. I need to be more direct and effective in that regard. I need to do more projects, less “ongoing” work on my plate, and a bit more in the “done” column.

See, me doing something.

See, me doing something.


What’s new? 

Well, I’ve kept working out. I’m doing really well at that, at least. I swam for the first time in a bit a couple weeks ago and somehow shaved a whole minute off my time. I’m not improving at push-ups as fast as I was, but that sort of progress couldn’t last. I’ve lost five pounds, in spite of gaining a lot of muscle, and it’s starting to show–not overly much, but the combination of factors has started to show muscles that were not distinct before, like figures slowly emerging from the mist. A mist made of lard. Sexy imagery, I know, that’s why they pay me the big bucks.

One thing I have in the “ongoing project” column is learning more Spanish. More of a refresher than anything, but I’ve been using Duolingo, and while it’s got some serious gaps it’s a good overview for me. It’s been helpful and interesting. I wanted to study up on a language I already knew a bit of so I’d have an actual idea of how well it was being taught. So far, so good.

Anyway, I know this is a short one, but I needed to put something up on the board. Lots more coming up, including a few on Cities of the Mind. I just need to write up the projects, get back into updating, and so on. Don’t worry, legions of fans, I am still here, and I will continue my one man battle to bring the best in mediocre rushed sentences and content.


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2 thoughts on “I Yet Live

  • alexisjenny

    I just signed up with Duolingo. Glad it’s free. I use Mango right now, and that’s free through my local libraries. It’s working out okay so far, but I’m only using it for basic things, like a refresher in Spanish so I can teach my soon-to-be 3-year-old. People seem to compare Mango to Rosetta Stone, and that’s probably stretching it quite a bit. But hey, free is free. 

    Side note, I think my computer is finally dying. That or just livefyre hates me. It remains to be seen.

  • Connor Rickett

    alexisjenny  Somehow I completely missed this comment, sorry! Free is good. Really, educationally speaking, you can learn just about anything for free, provided you have the self-discipline. If people could just say “I want to learn this,” and then do it, without being assigned letters by an authority figure, the university system would collapse.